Raising Joyful Hearts: The Art of Parenting

Its harsh truth that for most of parents, parenting process is not a joyful process

If we think we have right to mold them how will you mold them? Just as our self ?

If we think the way I am everything, naturally our aspiration will be our children should become like us, which will be a backward step for next generation of people

What a child needs? Isn’t it a pleasant one, stable atmosphere to grow? And to create joyful one first be joyful are we really joyful?

One thing our child should not become is, they should not become like us. They should become something more than us, what we are, isn’t it?

Our daily struggles with the children is just this, they are not shaping up like we want them to.

Once we understand this truth that they don’t have to be like us, then we will see it is such a freedom and joy to raise a child