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Extraordinary Life of Kitty O'Neil: 7 Rare Facts You Need to Know

1.  The Fastest Woman on Earth

In the 1970s, she made history by reaching a breathtaking speed of 512 mph (825 km/h) in a rocket-powered vehicle.

2.  Broke down barriers in the world of stunt work

She fearlessly performed jaw-dropping and death-defying stunts

3.  A champion water skier

Kitty also held the world water speed record of 104.85 mph (168.65 km/h)

4.  Diving Pioneer

Kitty earned the title of being the first woman to dive to a depth of 207 feet (63 m) using an aqualung

5. Overcoming Adversity

Despite being deaf, she never let her disability define her or limit her dream

6.  An Advocate for the Deaf Community

She served as an inspiration and role model to countless deaf individuals 

7.  A Journey of Achievements

She has been honored with multiple esteemed accolades 

Her legacy continues to inspire..