5 Basic Tips For  Happy & Healthy Lifestyle

Bring 40-50% Raw Food in Your Diet

It can be a vegetable, it can be a fruit, it can be a dry fruit, it can be a sprouted moong. When you cook food, you destroy the essential enzymes in the food

Shower Before Bed

I love the small notch above the pocket.

Some amazing benefits of showering before bed are , improved sleep quality, helps in stress relief, improved skin hydration, and feeling of light, fresh and clean

Drink Water Carefully


Remember, Drink when feel thirsty, Always sit down and then drink water, Always sip water slowly, store water in copper vessels and then drink it will boost immunity

Give Your Stomach a Break

An empty stomach and hunger are two different things. Yoga advises that there should be a gap of 8 hours between one meal and the next. If you do this, you will see that your health problems will start to reduce within 6 weeks.

Connect with Soil

Yes, you read it right. Connect with the soil with love. If you consider the whole earth as a part of yourself and connect with the earth, then it empowers you from inside. Work in the garden connect with the plant or involve in any  activity