Unprecedented Storm Alert: California Braces for Hurricane Hilary’s Wrath! Are You Prepared?

Hurricane Hilary


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: As the state mobilizes resources and aid for communities, residents in the projected path of the upcoming storm in California are strongly advised to take precautions ahead of its arrival.

SACRAMENTO – With Hurricane Hilary expected to be the most precipitation-laden tropical cyclone in the state’s history and the inaugural Tropical Storm Watch issued for California, the state is actively preparing to safeguard individuals from the storm’s impact. A reminder is being issued to all those in the storm’s trajectory to initiate preparation measures promptly.

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Presently classified as a formidable Category 4 storm, Hurricane Hilary is forecasted to approach Southern California over the forthcoming weekend and early next week, ushering in moderate to heavy showers, thunderstorms, and potentially more forceful winds to this region. Specific areas in Southern California might experience a year’s worth of rainfall from this weather phenomenon. The exact location and intensity of rainfall and winds will vary as the hurricane approaches the Californian coastline.

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A statement from Governor Newsom: “We must never underestimate the formidable force of Mother Nature. As communities prepare for this unusual storm, California is collaborating with the government and other governments nearby. Heed the guidance provided by local authorities, take necessary precautions, and stay well-informed.”

As the storm makes landfall, Gov. Newsom will remain in Southern California until the end of the week.

Operating under Governor Gavin Newsom’s directives, the State Operations Center at the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is presently operational, with the state actively monitoring potential impacts involving rain, wind, flash floods, and potential power disruptions. The State Operations Center is in active coordination across state agencies to ensure the allocation of resources in readiness for possible consequences and to bolster response and recovery efforts.

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In conjunction with local entities, the state is prepositioning resources including swift water rescue teams, California National Guard units, and flood control equipment. Additionally, the state is closely collaborating with community-based organizations to ensure the safety of vulnerable unhoused individuals. Furthermore, California is maintaining a continuous presence of highway maintenance crews and taking proactive measures to uphold road safety.

Outlined below are the top five measures you can adopt to enhance safety during the storm:

Stay Connected Against Hurricane Hilary:

Californians are reminded to dial 3-1-1 for assistance or inquiries. In case of a critical emergency, dial 911. Stay informed by registering for emergency alerts, encompassing advisories and evacuation notices. Enroll at CalAlerts.org to receive notifications from county officials. Maintain communication with relatives and neighbors.

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Prepare For Strong Winds and Coastal Surges:

Before a high wind episode occurs: eliminate deceased trees or overhanging branches near structures, secure loose roofing material, retrieve unanchored items from patios and balconies, fasten outdoor objects susceptible to being carried away, securely close windows, and fortify external doors.

During a high wind occurrence: seek shelter next to a building or under cover, steer clear of windows, avoid roads and train tracks, stay away from elevated spots like rooftops, and be vigilant about flying debris.

Stay away from the ocean: The National Weather Service has released a warning regarding high surf conditions and is advising beachgoers to refrain from entering the ocean due to the powerful waves, shore breaks, and potent long shore and rip currents caused by Hurricane Hilary, which render the sea highly perilous.

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Travel Cautiously:

Avoid non-essential travel during the storm’s peak anticipated on Sunday and Monday. If travel is unavoidable, download the QuickMap app or visit QuickMap (ca.gov) for up-to-the-minute data on road conditions, traffic, closures, and more. Refrain from walking, swimming, or driving through flooded areas. Remember the phrase, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown! Please remember, one foot of moving water can sweep away your vehicle and topple you with six inches of flowing water.

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Prepare for Potential Power Outages:

Take stock of your electricity-dependent necessities. Keep your devices charged. Battery backups and other alternative power sources such as power banks and portable chargers should be available in case of power outages. Make sure there are flashlights available for every member of the household. Additionally, plan ahead for possible water supply disruptions.

Heed Local Authorities:

Always adhere to the guidance provided by your local authorities, including evacuation directives, road closures, and other official notifications.

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